Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(SSTP.pk) - Sustainable Power Expects International Contract

BAYTOWN, TX--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 23, 2009 -- Sustainable Power Corp. (Other OTC:SSTP.PK - News) presented the following communication from its President and Chief Executive Officer, M. Richard Cutler:


Without a doubt it is again time to update our shareholders and investors as to the progress and results for Sustainable Power Corp. During my brief tenor as President and CEO, I have seen SSTP make amazing advancements in both its existing and new technologies and its business relations. I hope you appreciate the work which our team completed in preparing and filing our Form 10 Registration Statement with the SEC, to help make our operations and finances transparent to the investor community and with the objective of making us a fully reporting company. We are currently working through our 2008 year end financials in preparation for our next filing.

We are working around the clock to reach our objectives in our business relations and core technologies.

Dominican Republic

Watch for announcements in the next few days (yes days) on our amazing business relationships with this vibrant and progressive country. Given the ease with which we can implement all of our core technologies with the encouragement of key government officials, and the 100% financing for all ventures which our key business partners will provide, we simply cannot ignore this opportunity. I have visited extensively with key government and business leaders in the Dominican Republic who share our vision for green technologies. Without a doubt, this will be our first major source of revenue and funding.

Vertroleum(TM) Biofuels and Electricity

Our principal focus continues to be the production of Vertroleum(TM) biofuels for the production of electricity. We now possess everything we need to create a revolutionary group of solid, liquid, and gaseous biofuels and enormous amounts of biochar, now acclaimed by scientists as essential to reverse global warming and restore barren lands to agricultural use. The feedstocks used to produce these products include, but are not limited to, agricultural waste, human and animal wastes, numerous types of vegetation or biomass, algae, automotive "fluff" or waste from auto recycling, and municipal solid waste (MSW) for which we receive tipping fees as a waste processor. Generation of electricity from MSW feedstock is our primary goal.

Emissions Remediation Systems

In connection with our research on the improvement of engine and electric generator technology, we have developed a "hydrogen on demand" technology which we have dubbed our "Emission Remediation System." This computerized, cell produces hydrogen from a mixture of catalyst and water. Our testing shows this technology to (i) substantially improve fuel consumption mileage, (ii) substantially improve overall engine horsepower and (iii) essentially remediate the toxic gases in engine exhaust because of overall improved fuel burn. SSTP owns 50% of this technology in conjunction with other joint venture partners who brought us this valuable technology. When implemented in generator engines in conjunction with our biofuels, we can vastly improve the overall cost of production of electricity which provides amazing advantages over current technology. This product is currently in final stages of implementation and SALES both in some key United States markets as well as with our Dominican Republic partners.

Sustainable Produce Corp.

As previously announced, Sustainable Produce has an exclusive license for the Angel Eyes Produce technology throughout the world. SSTP owns 90% of the rights to Sustainable Produce in the United States and is the final stages of construction of our demonstration facility in Baytown, Texas. This technology produces 100% organic produce grown in a pathogen free, highly nutritious, non-GMO vegetables, indoors in living, bioactive soils, 365/24/7, regardless of weather. By creating highly controlled, optimal, environments we can grow unprecedented amounts of food in a fraction of the space required outdoors. This technology can be implemented in the driest desert or the coldest climate. We should begin receiving revenues from our demonstration facility within 90 days and intend to substantially increase production capacity. We have received serious interest in this technology from numerous partners, and as will be announced shortly, is already underway with one of our key Dominican Partners.

With financing at the ready, Sustainable Power Corp. stands prepared to move forward with these key technologies to push our world towards a greener environment while working for our shareholders. We continue to worked to eliminate distractions and focus our energy on the Company's successes and future. Together with you our investors we can help change the world by making energy and dependence on foreign sources a thing of the past.

/s/ M. Richard Cutler, President and Chief Executive Officer

About Sustainable Power Corp.

Sustainable Power Corp. is an international green energy total service provider focused on environmentally safe power generation. The company has the exclusive rights in the United States to develop and manage a portfolio of green energy plants utilizing a renewable fuel source able to be produced from non-food feed stock. For more information please visit www.SustainablePowerCorp.us.

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