Thursday, March 26, 2009

( - Enzyme Environmental Enters $12M Venture With Dow Chemical

FORT WAYNE, IN--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 25, 2009 -- Enzyme Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Other OTC:EESO.PK - News) has secured a contract from its recent trip to South Korea. The contract was entered into between Star Towers, Inc. in association with Dow Chemical and Enzyme Environmental Solutions late last week.

The signed contract is a one year term and calls for a total $12M ($12,000,000.00) purchase of EESO's proprietary biotech and product for use in bacterial remediation in Chungju Lake, a man-made reservoir that goes about 100 meters deep with a volume of over 2 billion tons. Chungju Lake is one of Korea's largest man-made lakes and is the main water source for domestic (includes drinking/tap water), agriculture and industrial use in that area. The area also is host to numerous tourist attractions and scenery and stands as an overall revenue source for Korea.

It was found in a 2004 report published in The Journal of Microbiology that two species of Cyanobacteria (the dominant phototropic bacteria in water environments) were found to be prevalent in Chungju and the nearby Dunpo reservoir: Microcystis and Anabaena and the problem has only escalated from there. These bacteria were found to be directly linked to pollution levels, "which is sad," states Star Towers owner, Su Lee. "This (Chungju) reservoir is, at times, boasted as Korea's 'largest and cleanest' man-made reservoir. What does that say to us? The pollution has to stop, and I believe that the recent meetings between government officials and Jared's company (Enzyme Environmental Solutions) will help us to put into place garbage and food waste remediation which is a large part of our pollution problem."

The enzyme solution provided by EESO is unique in that it doesn't attack the bacteria directly, but rather its food source, forcing it to starve to death rather than potentially resurfacing in mutated form over the long term.

Lee goes on to state, "In addition to preventative measures to be taken by Korea as a government and community to eliminate or significantly minimize pollution, we need to take measures to clear the matters at hand. I think this initial contract with EESO should prove highly effective as our testing of this product has produced outstanding results and I am looking forward to its applications in bacterial remediation of our water sources, including bacterial remediation in our reservoirs such as Chungju."

City authorities have already put into place agendas to tighten regulations regarding the management of water pipelines and tanks. "We are taking these measures to build public trust in Seoul's tap water," a spokesman for City Hall told The Korea Herald. Initial product for the deal shipped from Enzyme Environmental Solutions' facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana this morning. The order is the first of multiple shipments to be sent to Korea for the purposes of the agreement with Star Towers in association with Dow Chemical.

President/CEO Jared Hochstedler feels, "It will be a big step in the right direction for us internationally as I think there's a collective understanding here that our products have several useful, cost-effective applications for countries and municipalities worldwide. If this is what it takes for us to receive domestic recognition, then so be it. The benefits to ecosystems and economies alike are, at this point, obvious, and we look forward to continued increase in sales force, research and development as we progress."


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