Wednesday, February 11, 2009

( -- Bebida Beverage Enters Agreement with Enzyme Environmental Solutions

FORT WAYNE, IN--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 11, 2009 -- (Other OTC:EESO.PK - News) - Important note to shareholders: there was a discrepancy on the OS today; the OS has not been increased and this is being corrected promptly by the TA. This can be verified, if necessary, directly with Pacwest Transfer.

Environmental Solutions has had an incredible year thus far as its shareholders revel in the success of a recent retail licensing agreement to a network marketing entity poised to be a household name. The success is enhanced by materialization of deals with Bo and Su Lee (Star Towers, Inc. owners) for odor remediation in South Korea and new talks developing with an entity out of Canada regarding its work with garbage remediation in countries around the world including Jamaica and Ghana. On the Commercial side, EESO has recently secured a sizeable licensing and manufacturing agreement for an Enzyme-based Industrial Water Treatment and Pond Dye product with orders nationwide.

EESO recently solidified a deal with Bebida Beverage Company in which Bebida sought out EESO's proprietary enzymatic knowledge base for a new beverage line it is developing. "This brings another stream of revenue with upside potential to the company without any significant additional base costs," states Bill White, VP of Sales and Operations, "so deals like these are mutually beneficial both to our clients and to us in terms of profitability."

President and CEO of Enzyme Environmental Solutions, Jared Hochstedler is enthusiastic to add, "We'll be releasing last year's financials in detail so that shareholders and potential partners can see we're here for the long run. It's exciting to see our global initiative take hold so smoothly and it makes me very happy to announce that we will be releasing last year's financials as well as order-based forecasts for the end of this year. We'll do this before the shareholder's Open House on February 27th so it can truly be a celebration for all. All financials will be fully verifiable and will soundly prove our stock to be undervalued. While most companies are laying off thousands, we've taken on a larger work force and added a 2ndand 3rd shift to our day-to-day operations."

The financials for 2008 show sales in excess of 9 million dollars with 2009 expected to be exponentially higher based on both recent contracts and product order commitments.

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