Friday, January 23, 2009

(EESO.PK) - Enzyme Environmental Solutions Announces $52 Million Contract Negotiation

FORT WAYNE, IN--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 23, 2009 -- Enzyme Environmental Solutions (Other OTC:EESO.PK - News) announces today that the letter of intent with Star Towers, Inc., Bo and Su Lee of Atlanta, Georgia, is now ready to move into the negotiation of a contract phase.

The letter of intent was announced publicly by EESO in a press release dated December 4, 2008. The release explained the pending relationship between Enzyme Environmental Solutions and the Lees whose many projects include both domestic and international development. One of their larger domestic projects is the Star Towers project in Atlanta, GA (

The Letter of Intent directly relates to the Lees' work in South Korea focusing on odor and garbage remediation with use of EESO's proprietary technology, Pit Solution® and their FG-500®, "an enzyme based compost solution for food waste which will be sold primarily to restaurants to eliminate food waste and pollution which has grown at an increasingly alarming rate."

LPMC, the firm negotiating with EESO for the Lees, has secured the last phase of testing to be completed in South Korea with a private firm. Also participating in the final test are representatives of the South Korean Government. The testing should be completed within two weeks. The tests were expanded due to the initial LOI estimates of approximately $28,500,000 over seven years, which has escalated an additional 85% which equates to $52,725,000 over a seven-year period. Initially this includes only a portion of companies that Star Towers, Inc. has entered into negotiations with. The contract with Star Towers will include many areas of South Korea. Hochstedler and the Lees are mutually satisfied thus far with the proceedings.

Bo Lee, a Star Towers, Inc. founder, says, "We are very pleased with this expansion and are looking forward to entering into this final phase. The technology that Enzyme Environmental Solutions will provide is a substantial if not entire remedy to the issues we face in South Korea and we look forward to considering their solutions both domestically and internationally as there seems to be a lot we will be able to do together with our other business relationships."

Jared Hochstedler, CEO of EESO, states, "Our director of sales Gene Sherrill has been, for the last week and will continue into next week, negotiating with two American Companies for the distribution rights for our proprietary Pit Solution® within the United States. These are exciting times for EESO and its shareholders. We are pleased with the progress that Bill White and Gene Sherrill have made and are committed to furthering our efforts in pursuit of expanding our customer base on the commercial and industrial side of the business while preparing for the inevitable successes provided by the recent agreements with Wow Green International. The Wow Green deal has already provided us with attractive numbers for the year and these are based on conservative estimates in regards to product demand."

The Wow Green opportunity gives everyone a chance to work in concert with both companies' missions toward a 'cleaner world. Safer planet' while 'freeing the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time.' At the same time, Wow Green International is boasting the most attractive compensation plan for distributors in a network marketing program to date with a strategically designed matrix that allows for a long-term success with plans for an international expansion in 18-24 months. If you are looking to participate as a Wow Green distributor, EESO has purchased in order to give every investor an opportunity to sign up as a distributor directly under EESO which will give top priority placement to the distributor as well as enhance company revenues with a distributor force directly under the company. Please visit and follow the instructions on the site to sign up for this rare pre-launch opportunity.

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