Monday, February 02, 2009

(ESYE.ob) -- Easy Energy Inc's YoGen Being Fit to Military Standards

LAS VEGAS, NV--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 2, 2009 -- Easy Energy, Inc. (OTC BB:ESYE.OB - News), the sole owner of the YoGen® product suite, a line of highly innovative, compact, ergonomically efficient manpowered generators, designed for use recharging portable electronic devices ranging in size from cell phones to laptop computers, is pleased to announce that it has begun the process of adapting its YoGen® stand-alone hand-powered charger, currently built to standards appropriate for personal/commercial (civilian) use, to fit military quality standards.

The company further announced that it is in negotiations with procurement officials of the military of one nation (unnamed for reasons of security and confidentiality), with the goal of developing an agreement to supply their forces with a military version of the YoGen® charger, and is looking forward to entering discussions with representatives of the military of a second country in early February.

"We are extremely encouraged by the interest being shown in the YoGen® charger by various military organizations and are proceeding, without delay, to fit our charger to military specifications," commented Guy Ofir, CEO of Easy Energy, Inc. "The use of hand-held electronic devices is pervasive in today's military operations, and the difficulties presented in keeping them fully charged and ready for use on the battlefield are many. With the charging capability provided by YoGen®, the ground soldier will be able to sustain the operations of his communications devices, GPS, etc. in combat, without the need for weighty spare batteries or concern about the inevitable lack of conventional charging sources. We believe that the availability of a military version of the YoGen® charger would, in all probability, make a significant contribution to the success of any combat operation."

The YoGen® is available in two models for the commercial market, the basic version, which is a stand-alone hand-powered charger, and the premium version, that additionally includes a backup 650 mAh 3.7V battery which will provide charging power either when mechanically activated or via the battery when it is carrying a charge. For convenience, the premium version provides an SOC indicator, which advises the user of the charge state of the battery. The YoGen® devices represent a significant breakthrough in manpowered chargers in that, in addition to their extremely compact size, they are able to produce a uniquely high ratio of electrical output to human energy input and are far less tiring to operate than competitive units. In other words, these chargers have advanced the user friendliness and economics of this technology to the point at which they become eminently practical and desirable as a means to fill a void in an almost limitless market.

About Easy Energy:

Easy Energy, Inc. (OTC BB:ESYE.OB - News) is the sole owner of the YoGen® product suite of compact man-powered generators, which are designed to provide an innovative and effective solution to the currently underserved need of the almost limitless users of portable electronics devices for a power source that will ensure those devices' ability to operate in circumstances in which conventional recharging sources are unavailable. Included in the product line are the basic YoGen®, a slim, pocket-sized charger for small devices such as cell phones, GPS, iPODs, etc., which is operated by a convenient pull-cord; the YoGen Max(TM), a compact, fold-up foot-driven charger for laptop computer sized devices which also includes its own battery pack; and the most recently prototyped YoGen Bat(TM), which will replace a conventional cell phone battery and provide pull-cord charging capability without the need for a stand-alone charger. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with offices in Naariya, Israel. For more information on our company and innovative YoGen® product suite, please visit our corporate website at:

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