Saturday, January 10, 2009

( - Industrial Nanotech Announces Record Revenues and Decreased Expenses

NAPLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Pink Sheets:INTK - News), an emerging global leader in nanotechnology, today announced that the Company experienced record high revenues for its patented Nansulate® energy saving coatings during the normally slow holiday season.

"We historically experience a drop off in sales from early November through the first of the new year," stated Francesca Crolley, VP of Operations and Marketing for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. “Last year, for the two months between November 5, 2007 and January 5, 2008, total revenues were $219,761.73. This year, between November 5, 2008 and January 5, 2009, total revenues jumped to $447,584.75. This was achieved without resorting to sales or unusual discount offers and with a more than 50% reduction in operating expenses. We are pleased to see that the extra effort and hard work which we have invested to offset the general economic conditions worldwide is paying off. It is fortunate and advantageous for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. and our shareholders that, in this era of increasing fiscal constraint by consumers and businesses, our products are easy-to-use, practical, cost effective, and save our customers money by lowering their expenses month after month and year after year."

About Nansulate(R)

Nansulate(R) is the Company's patented product line of specialty coatings containing a nanotechnology based material and which are well-documented to provide the combined performance qualities of thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, resistance to mold growth, fire resistance, chemical resistance, and lead encapsulation in an environmentally safe, water-based, coating formulation. The Nansulate(R) Product Line includes both industrial and residential energy saving coatings. Additional information about the Company and its products can be found at their websites, ( and (

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