Monday, January 12, 2009

( - Enzyme Environmental Leans To Licensing Strategy

FORT WAYNE, IN--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 12, 2009 -- (Other OTC:EESO.PK - News) - Enzyme Environmental Solutions, Inc. has been under several negotiations over the past several months marketing its commercial and retail product line while tending to research, development and exposure on its unique enzyme based solutions in odor remediation and converting auto residue into fuel-oil with its GC2000 unit. All the while offers have been coming in toward licensing the unique formulas from various companies all over the world.

Jared Hochstedler, CEO was resistant to such offers at first but states in a recent interview: "We started out with our own product line that we were passionate about placing on retail shelves in an effort to get our clean, green formulas in every house in America. We've had success, but larger entities actually cost us more money to implement and we've decided it doesn't make sense on the larger level. Starting out, we were well aware of the unbalanced trading position between suppliers like us and large purchasing chains which could result in losses for the company monetarily, but, strategically placed, could work well as exposure mechanisms while smaller chains could serve as profit models; however, recent offers and negotiations have caused our team to 'rethink our identity' toward collective benefit regarding our company, its shareholders and consumers worldwide. The important thing to consider is that our mission, as our logo suggests, is to help diminish our carbon footprint overall, yes, but also to tend to crucial pending issues. Recent research and theories in Autism and tragic cases such as with John Travolta's son, Jett, last week which result in theories linking diseases and disorders to chemical based products that most people use on a daily basis, are reasons enough for us to consider getting creative with our business model to ensure that every person is at least educated to the damages that chemical based household and industrial products can have on our children, our spouses, our pets and our world community while maintaining, if not increasing, profitability."

And with that, the dawn of a new era for Enzyme Environmental Solutions as they manifest into an International Biotechnology Licensing Company toward product exposure worldwide, "no matter whose name is on the label." Hochstedler adds, "There are many amazing people, manufacturers and distributors out there that care about our planet more than they do making money and many of the most admirable have found avenues toward the best of both worlds. We're finding synergies in the commercial realm quite often and the past several months, we have been working diligently behind closed doors negotiating such a union with a promising company I have the utmost respect for and belief in."

"All we can say at this point," declares Bill White, Vice President of Sales and Operations, "is that this is going to be an enormous coup for our retail product technology totaling millions of dollars per year in licensing revenue in what I feel will be the largest network marketing operation spearheading the ever present Green Revolution." Last night in Novi, Michigan during a private celebration, the button was pressed to launch internationally. More details to come regarding the agreement between Enzyme Environmental Solutions, Inc. and Wow Green International. Enzyme Environmental's company website,, will be going through changes over the next few months to reflect their position as a biotech licensing firm and "I think shareholders will be very pleased with our decisions thus far and the tremendous results they are providing us toward expansion and stability despite the current economic downtrend," adds White.

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